EBIXCASH World Money, offers comprehensive forex solutions no matter what your reason for travel be it for business, pleasure or education through our widespread network across 69 cities and 70+ airport counters in India. Having been empanelled with multiple banks for procurement of foreign currencies helps us fulfill the requirements of all our customers smoothly.

Our business strategy is backed by modern technology which gives us an upper edge to research, innovate and consistently progress in terms of our physical outlets, our channel partners and our business segments. Having an Authorized Dealer Category II License, issued by the Reserve Bank of India permits EBIXCASH World Money to cater Multiple business segments relating to Money Exchange business in India.

There are plenty of things to consider while planning an international trip, buying forex is one of them! Hassle free currency exchange is one of the top most things a traveler wishes while buying forex and this is where EBIXCASH World Money Forex takes care of your need.

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Now buying forex in India is easier than ever! You may be a business traveler, Student pursuing further studies abroad or a leisure traveler we have all your forex needs covered. Now buy forex in just a few steps at best rates across India from the comfort of your home or office and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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Almost everyone who returns from an international trip has left over forex with them. Few like to keep it for their future travels but most of us like to sell it at the best rates for the Indian currency. Now selling forex online in India is easier than ever. We ensure that you get the best rates while selling your left over forex

You can either make an online request to sell your forex or visit our nearest branch out of 140+ PAN India branch to sell your left over currency.

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Leave behind worries of carrying multiple currencies across your travels, with the EbixCash World Money Travel Card now load multiple currencies in one card and use it like your normal debit card. The Chip and Pin protected card is safe to use at merchant locations and also be used online to make purchases and ATM Withdrawals.

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We offer outward remittances (sent from India to the world) and inward remittances to India (through our major principal partners). In India, major segments of outward remittances include students pursuing education abroad, travel agents sending tour charges to suppliers, and individuals sending remittances to relatives abroad. These transactions are regulated under the ‘Liberalized Remittance Scheme’ of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

EbixCash World Money has the largest network partner, managing 91% of all Western Union transactions and 78% of the overall inward remittance in India, facilitated through our principal partners including Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria Money, Transfast, Instant Cash and Xpress Money. With a network of 100,000+ live locations, we are currently expanding to over 150,000+ locations in India and new markets such as Phillippines (third largest inward remittance market).

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EBIXCASH World Money offers a wide range of solutions in Foreign Exchange including Foreign Currency Demand Drafts, currency notes, multi-currency Prepaid cards for your needs. Along with your Foreign Exchange requirements like university fees and living expenses. EBIXCASH World Money helps you send your money within 24 – 48 hours* to your foreign college or university once all documentation is completed and verified.

You can also get a Prepaid Forex Card from EBIXCASH World Money before traveling and reload it as and when required once your child is abroad. This will ensure that your child will have access to his funds in the fastest manner possible. You may also choose to send a Wire Transfer through EBIXCASH World Money India for your child’s expenses. Your parents can regularly send you money from any EBIXCASH World Money branch at the best available rates and we shall ensure it reaches you in a fast, reliable and convenient manner.

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Foreign ships traveling through India dock vessels at various ports / harbors across the country. A key requirement during such layovers is that of currency of the local country where the ship has docked which is to be made available to the Captain of the Ship to cover the expenses on board the ship and cover the crew wages.

A solution which caters to this specific requirement can be availed through “Cash to Master”.

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  • Tours and Travels: Remittance by tour operators/travel agents to overseas agents/hotels, remittances towards travel arrangements like accommodation supported the request of the traveler (in case of private travel), or supported the request of the company on account of its employees travelling abroad for business purposes.
  • Conferences and Competitions: Fees international events and competitions, participation in global conferences and specialized training.
  • Registration/Visa fees: registration/subscription/membership fees to international organizations, Visa fees, processing fees for the registration of documents as required by the governments.
  • Employment & Emigration: assessment fees for skills/credential intending, processing employment fees, consultancy fees for emigration/emigration, migrants Remittance for employment purpose etc.
  • Others: Shooting of movies/documentaries/films/advertisements, treatment of medical conditions etc.

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EbixCash offers travel insurance that offers coverage against medical expenses, cancellation of trips, delay of trips and more.

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Designed as the perfect solution for every gifting occasion for you or your company, the EbixCash Gift Solutions takes the hassle out of finding the right gift by letting the receiver choose exactly what he/she wants. EbixCash Corporate Gift Card completely does away with all the concerns of giving the right gift.

By seamlessly integrating platforms, we can broaden the availability of the choice of gift cards. Be it by enabling the purchase of gift cards online or with gift card delivery via post, we provide solutions that fit the gifting needs. It gives gifting the personal touch that every individual or company desires.

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